During Medieval times, the knights with all their armour on were impossible to distinquish from eachother, so most knights would have their own coat of arms, unique to thier castle or lord. Now you can give your knights their unique coat of arms with this sticker sheet. This sticker sheet includes a total of 24 stickers, which is 8 minifigures and 8 shield stickers.


All stickers are originally made and designed by BattleBricksDownUnder. 

Knight Minifigure Stickers

  • How to properly apply tosro stickers

    1. Choose a sticker and cut it out.
    2. Peel the back off carefully.
    3. Stick paper to the bottom third of the sticker to prevent it from sticking to the minifigures legs.
    4. Make an awesome creation, battle or stopmotion with your minifigure!

    (make sure you allign the sticker properly before pushing it down too hard to get the best outcome!)