The Type 95 Ha-Go was a WW2 Japanese light tank, and the most numerous armoured vehicles produced by the Japanese. The Ha-go was light and manoeuvrable making it effective at Jungle warfare the Japanese to surprise their enemies and hit them before the enemy could us their anti-tank guns. The Ha-go was also highly effective against infantry, as they were rarely equipped with weapons capable of penetrating the armour, however the Ha-Go was incapable of destroying enemy tanks such as the US M3 Stuart light tank. Buying these instructions will allow you to build your own Ha-Go light tank using your own pieces.

Instructions will be emailed as a PDF with step-by-step pictures and a list of bricks you will need so you can build this creation using your own LEGO pieces. PDF instruction link will be emailed after purchase and will be available to save or print for 30 days.


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Type 95 Ha-Go instructions