Lachlan McGilvray has always loved LEGO and history - for years he has been building his own tanks, trucks, planes, ships and creating custom stickers for his minifigures. Lachie loves making his models and stickers as accurate as possible and put lots of time and effort unto making them look similar to the real model. He soon discovered that he could turn his creations into custom instructions to help others build their own historic scenes and battles. 


Lachlan has always loved the quality minifigures made by United Bricks, and has used them in many of his creations. Being in Australia, he had to plan his orders carefully to minimise the shipping costs. When he had the opportunity to become a local re-seller, he jumped at the chance to help other Australian LEGO fans access the great products from United Bricks.


All our minifigures were designed and created by the team at United Bricks in the UK. United Bricks has specialist UV printers which they use to print highly detailed and historically accurate minifigures and custom printed heads.